Your Insurance Specialists specializes in Business, Home, Auto & Life Insurance. We are also your first stop for those hard to place specialty insurance policies. We take the time to listen to your needs and find the right policy to fit your circumstance. Your satisfaction is our number one priority as “Our Focus is on you”. We have built a reputation for excellent customer service and are devoted to making the transition to Your Insurance Specialists as easy as possible.

Your Insurance Specialists is an independent insurance agency. This means we are not committed to a single company or product. We represent a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies. With the ability to access multiple companies we can assure that you are receiving the best coverage and premiums available. Whether you are looking to insure one car or you are looking insure your multi-million dollar business, Your Insurance Specialists is here to focus on you and your needs. Call today for a free personal insurance review.

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The best time to buy a car

Timing is everything if you’re in the market for a new car, good timing can actually save you money.  Here are some good times to hit the dealerships.

End of the month
During the last week of the month, especially the last weekend, salespeople are hungry to make a deal – their bonus may depend on it. 
End of the Model Year
Dealerships are trying hard to unload any “leftovers” from the previous model year. 
End of the Calendar Year
There may still be “leftovers” from the previous year available and automakers are looking to close the year out with strong sales.

Avoid High Pressure Glass Repair

Warning to all clients "glass harvesting" is growing in several areas of the country. In this practice, auto glass operations use high-pressure and scare tactics to convince an individual to replace their windshield right on the spot. This often occurs at car washes, oil change facilities or gas stations. The harvester may even offer incentives like free groceries or free gas. "Just give us your insurance information" they say, "we'll take care of everything.

We recommend you do not accept such offers. Often, these operators push for a full replacement, when only a repair is needed. All of our carriers wave deductibles on repair but there may be a deductible on replacement there for costing you money. When you have a crack, chip or other windshield damage, always contact us or your carrier directly. We can select a repair shop and help arrange service.

Some of the operations may have little or no formal installation training. More importantly, their work could be unsafe. If a windshield is not properly replaced, it could pop out in an accident and create a very dangerous situation.